Joy Sessions

Besides having a great name, Joy Sessions offer an amazing opportunity for owners of terminally ill or elderly pets to capture the love they share with their fur babies during their final days of life.  I’ve recently joined Joy Sessions as a photographer who offers end-of-life photos for pets and their loved ones.  After losing Clapton a few months ago, the unyielding pain reminded me of the incredible bond we share with the animals in our life.  While Clapton’s loss was very quick and unexpected, if we would have had the time I would have loved a photo shoot with him.  I snapped a few photos of him before he passed away and I’m finally sharing them.  When we found out we didn’t have much time left with him, we knew we had to take him swimming.

Please browse my random collection of pet photos below, including our last photos with our Big Fluff.  My background is in photojournalism and I tend to focus on capturing a moment rather than posing a portrait.  If this style suits you and your pet, you can schedule a Joy Session with me.  I can be contacted at and I’ll do my best to respond and schedule a session quickly.

For more information on Joy Sessions and the photographer who started this movement, visit


Oregon Coast June 2013

Coastal Panorama Small

We spend an awful lot of time at the coast…


There’s something about faces and emotions which tell a rich and complex story about living.  With that, here are my recent portraiture attempts.

Oregon Zoo

We went to the Oregon Zoo for the polar bears’ 28th birthday celebration. Neither of us had ever been to the zoo so early in the day and in the winter, so we were shocked at how active all the animals were!

Unseasonable flakes

So, I lied.  I said that I was all done with catch up photos and my blogs from here on out would be current.  That was misinformation on my part.  I forgot about some really cool (ha) pictures from a March snowfall in Corvallis and a snowy trip over the Santiam Pass.  Despite a tripod and all the time in the world, I still couldn’t get the first photo of the street light and the snow to look exactly as I had envisioned it.  Oh well, there’s always next year.

Apparently that weekend there wasn’t enough snow on the ground in Corvallis, so we had to head up towards Sisters, OR so Clapton could enjoy a little more proportional snowfall.  Granted, a few inches of snow is plenty to fill Oregon State University’s quad with snowmen with boobs and snowball fights, but it’s not nearly enough for Clapton to happily frolic in.  Looking through my photos, I can’t believe I didn’t get any pics of Clapton…sad (for all of you, I get to see him every day).

While we didn’t get to go snowboarding once this year because of lousy conditions for most of the season, there was quite a bit of snow.  You can see cars and big, lifted trucks dwarfed by  the snow banks.

More of the Oregon Coast

In case you haven’t already guessed, the fiance and I love the coast.  We try to get out there at least once every other month.  While it can be chilly and windy, it’s more than beautiful enough to make up for it.  This trip had a real purpose – two actually.  We needed to survey our wedding site since the big day is quickly approaching and we needed to photograph some bridges for a work project I’m just starting.  Jason got to ogle bridges and I got to take photos – it was the perfect day for both of us.

These are the Newport and Alsea Bay bridges – I believe.  I prefer the green one in Newport.  There’s just something about the metal that’s really amazing to me.  I was solely concerned with the aesthetic and Jason was only concerned with the structural aspects.  No wonder we don’t always see eye-to-eye on things.

We saw this sail boat heading towards the bridge and we were so caught up checking out the beautiful boat that we both forgot how great a photo would look with both the bridge and the sail boat.  So I had to run down the dock past all these fishermen and crabbers, looking like an idiot, trying to get to the arch before the boat was gone.  I made it.  It was also the most exercise I’ve had in months.

Of course, there were plenty of things just as picturesque as bridges at the coast – so we photographed those too.

Finally, the view of the ocean from our ceremony site will *hopefully* be beautiful come September.  I climbed up on some driftwood to get a better look.  Jason climbed higher and quicker and made sure he rubbed that fact in my face.  In the future, Jason isn’t allowed to come to the coast with me – he’s too competitive.

F.Y.I – In these images and all the others floating around this blog, there is no editing outside of the occasional crop.  If I do decide to Photoshop the heck out of anything, I’ll give you all a heads up to keep myself honest.

Logging roads

The fiance introduced me to the beauties that are hidden away on bumpy logging roads in the mountains.

Road trip to Oregon

These were taken as we were driving down the road during our move from Texas to Oregon.

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Photos from Iraq

These are my favorite photos from while I was deployed in 2008-2009.


My cousin and I went to NYC a few years ago to just hang out and take pictures of what NYC means to us.  We got lost and had a blast!